Turquoise Rings

Beautiful dark green Natural Orvil Jack turquoise triangle set in Sterling Silver one of a kind shank. The black chert in the stone really adds contrast and character to the screaming green turquoise! Size 8----$210-------#jst605oct0703.
Absolutely top quality natural Orvil Jack turqouise from the Blue Ridge mine set in 18k and 14k yellow gold. The shank is squared for easy fit on average or mildly arthritic fingers. Approx. size 8-----$1145-------- #Roct050713.
A nice sized piece of pale lime Orvil Jack turquoise from the Blue Ridge mine in Nevada is mounted in this sterling silver New Art Granulation ring. The stone is totally naturally, and the patina on the ring shank makes a very nice contrast to it. A generous size 8, so suitable for a man or a woman. The stone is approximately 3/4 inch long. ---$325------------Roct05jewel0714.
Beyond cool!!! Blackened sterling silver ring with gold accents form the assymetrical frame for this top grade cabochon of natural turquoise from Nevada. Size 6, with the stone about 1/2 inch long. The contrasts on the piece are fantastic. The reticulated sterling shank will polish with wear to a bright silver on the high areas while all of the valleys formed by the reticulation will stay black. -----$385-----------Roct5jewel0711.

Remember to check back often for new additions. Hopefully changes will be updated every 3 to 4 weeks.

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