Opal Rings

This gorgeous opal pinkie ring is a doublet made from Australian opal from the Olympic fields. A doublet is created when opal (usually crystal opal, meaning you can see through it) is cut very thin and then permanently set onto a stronger thicker backing of black jade or onyx, or some other dark or black stone. This allows wonderful material that might normally be too thin to be used in jewelry. It is set in 18k gold and mounted on a freeform 14k gold fused gold shank. Size 2 1/2---R431568---$405

This is a very unusual black opal from the opal mining fields in Australia. It is very directional, which means that from some angles you will not see the blue green fire, and from others the fire is bright enough to be absolutely shocking. This feature can be fascinating, but it is not something that increases the value of an opal. Because of this it is much more affordable than you might think. This stone is approximately 4-5 carats in size and is set in 18k gold on a shank of reticulated sterling silver. The band then has 22k gold granulation on both sides and is patinated to a nice dark coloration to bring out the gold granules.
Size 9---R431570-----$490

Lambina opal and AAA grade natural lapis set in 14k yellow, palladium white, and rose golds, and 18k yellow gold. Size 5 1/2--- $980-----------------#R50079
This Mintabi opal from Australia is one of the prettiest opals I have, with vibrants colors ranging from red to orange and back into green and blue. A natural semi-black with brightness in the 3.5-4 range. Set in gold fused wire for a natural viney look, it is sized to a generous 8. 14ky and18k green golds with a SS backing. 3-4c opal. -----------$1145------#R490968.
Yowah nut opal with dark blue and green fire set in 14k and 14k yellow gold. Size 6--- $672-----------------------#R50080
I had never seen this particular type of boulder opal until I got the only piece of rough I have of it. This ring and the pendant #Poct05jewel0706 pictured on the Large opal pendants page were both cut from the same stone. It is very hard and very vibrant. Set in 18k green gold with the shank of 14k white gold. Size 6. ----$518----#R510997.
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