Crystal Opal Details

Crystal Olympic Field opal. Rolling Multi-flash, rope pattern. I call it a rope pattern because of the broad bands of multi-colored flash that streak across the surface as the stone moves. 12.59c.
(appraised for $3150)---$3150-----------#O801461

Crystal Lambina opal. Multi-flash. This is an absolutely huge, bright, fabulous opal. It is pure fire, skin to skin. There is no sand, no pitting, no dead areas.
14.73c. (appraised for $5900)---$5900-----------------#O801463
Crystal Lambina opal. Multi-flash. The fire in this stone and the one directly above is so bright that it is almost too blinding to see through them. They were cut from the same stone.
8.99c. (appraised for $4850)---$4850-------#O801481

There is more of everything, but not enough room or time to show all, so contact me if there is something specific you are looking for that you don't see here.
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