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Please be aware that all of the stones are enlarged so that you can have a good look at what you are getting, but for actual sizes please note the carat weights or dimensions. If there is not a measured size listed, and you wish one, please contact me and I will be glad to measure it for you.

Natural Carico Lake turquoise, lightly backed.

This is the coolest shade of blue Carico Lake turquoise, with a killer finish. A nice hard stone. 17c
(24mm x 12.5mm x 8mm thick) Lightly backed to fill in gaps.

Huge piece of army green, all natural, lightly backed. 22c

One of the prettiest pieces of natural
Carico Lake turquoise you will ever see! Backed. 13c
(14mm x 11.5mm x 5.5mm thick)

Lovely teal green natural turquoise. Backed.
11c (19mm x 12.5mm x 6mm thick)
An absolutely gorgeous natural cabochon. Backed. 12c
(17.5mm x 14.5mm x 6mm thick)
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